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15 Reasons A Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend


Share Clothes 

There are so many things you can only do with your BFF that your boyfriend will never understand. Don’t get me wrong, having a boyfriend can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you just can’t beat a best friend!

For instance, you can share clothes, shoes and other accessories with your best friend — double the wardrobe options and style advice all in one. If you did that with your boyfriend, things would start to get a little weird.


Your boyfriend doesn’t really care about all of the intricate details of the lives of people he doesn’t know, especially celebrities, but your best friend will always be there to listen to any juicy details you have just found out. Best friends are especially good for gushing about how hot your favorite male celeb is, something your boyfriend definitely doesn’t want to hear about!

They Won’t Cheat 

Of course not all boyfriends cheat, but since you aren’t in a commited relationship with them, you won’t ever have to worry about your best friend cheating on you. So you never have to worry about getting jealous or if they have any other female friends or who they add on Facebook or all of that drama.

No Makeup Needed

Most girls feel like they have to put on makeup and the perfect outfit every time they see their boyfriend. But your best friend will accept you just the way you are.

Let’s Get Silly 

You can be as silly as you want in front of your best friend without worrying that she is judging you because she has probably done things just as silly over the years! Anything from crazy singing to spontaneous dancing is fair game with BFFs.

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